Assistance with options and equipment selection

Choice of the equipment and options on board can have more influence on your everyday life aboard than boat selection itself. Whether you are refitting your current boat, a newly purchased used one, or simply need assistance in option selection while negotiating a new construction contract with a shipyard, we can be of immense help in equipping your new boat to best serve your new lifestyle.

  • assistance in options selection on a new yacht while negotiating with a shipyard
  • new construction supervision
  • logistics, planning, coordination, and supervision of a refit
  • new design and construction of a yacht or particular systems
  • sourcing from the trusted suppliers

Based on our extensive years of experience as both sailors and designers we will recommend the best suited solutions for your particular needs. Thanks to our involvement you’ll avoid costly experiments, speed up the process, most likely save on the overall cost, and end up with a boat that serves you well day in and day out for years to come. 

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