Our Experience

Today most of us realizing the dream of living on the water hire a professional for the pre-purchase inspection only. Often one does not place much weight on other equally important stages of this transition. Doing your homework and preparing diligently pays off immensely avoiding costly mistakes, delays, and even crew/family conflicts.

Our team relies on a vast expertise, experience, and passion for sailing, boat design and construction, as well as long-term life aboard. We provide the best and most comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge ranging all the way from psychological aspects of decision to spend significant time aboard a floating home all the way to setting sail in a most efficient, cost effective, safe, and well organized manner.

Based on many years of our extensive experience as both sailors, engineers, and designers we will recommend the best suited solutions for your particular needs. Thanks to our involvement you’ll avoid potentially expensive experiments, streamline the process, most likely save on the overall cost, and end up with a boat that serves you well day in and day out for years to come. 

Our multihull passion reflects our vast experience in the following areas:

  • yacht design and construction
  • 20 years of cruising on multihulls including trimarans
  • yacht deliveries and charters
  • yacht maintenance
  • 6 years of life aboard a trimaran
  • construction and refit supervision
  • options and equipment selection and shipyard contract negotiation
  • cooperation with the best yacht equipment manufacturers
  • sea-trials and practical knowledge of most top brands and models of multihulls

Because we have done it so many times, for so long we will help you answer the following questions that so many others have faced in this process:

  • how does one make the boat decision as an individual and collectively as a family
  • how does one make the most fitting boat choice
  • how does one acquire the right boat
  • how to choose the most sensible list of options and equipment to serve us well
  • how do you negotiate, inspect, and purchase the perfect vessel
  • how does one customize the vessel to most closely fit the needs and expectations (handy list of highly detailed technical aspects of design and implementation of all various solutions on a blue water cruiser in numerous new and used vessels we consulted and/or designed and built)
  • how does one select and obtain insurance and what are the limitations specific to areas and boats
  • how does one pack and move from a house to a boat or simply configure a new floating home
  • how does one plan itinerary, provisioning, weather routing, internet connection, and all other aspects of everyday life</span

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