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Advice On Yacht Selection and Purchase

We back your entire yacht selection and purchase process with our extensive sailing and technical expertise. Avoid costly mistakes and enjoy the vessel that will fufill your expectations and serve your needs.

Assistance with options and equipment selection

Choice of the equipment and options on board can have more influence on your everyday life aboard than boat selection itself. Whether you are refitting your current boat, a newly purchased used one, or simply need assistance in option selection while negotiating a new construction contract with a shipyard, we can be of immense help in equipping your new boat to best serve your new lifestyle.

Advice on Life Aboard

Whether you have already chosen your new home at sea and need to verify your choice and select all the options, need assistance with issues on your current boat, or simply need Ania to relay her experience from a family/feminine standpoint to facilitate the family land-to-sea transition decision, we’re here for you along with our resources, knowledge, and experience. We’ll most happily share all that with you, so that you won’t make expensive errors and/or incur delays. We’ll make sure you end up with a life aboard that’ll surprise you only on positive notes.

Yacht Tours and Reviews

We are the source for the most comprehensive yacht reviews and tours. Our tours are like no other, because most of them include sea trials.
Whether you are interested in making a video of your yacht or are in the process of choosing one for yourself we can be extremely helpful. You no longer have to travel on your own to see many different boats. Just send us there and enjoy comprehensive report on the yachts you are interested in. Please review our channel and see examples for yourself.

Yacht Deliveries & Professional Training

Many newly minted owners either take it upon themselves or hire a commercial captain that is also unfamiliar with the particulars of their new ocean-going home to begin their dream journey. With the multitude and complexity of systems and today’s modern yacht it can be frustrating to get used to all the new things and how they work specially in the initial breaking-in and fine tunning period. We are here for you to personally assist you in the yacht commissioning and first few weeks aboard. This way communication with the shipyard, working out the kinks, and teaching you all the new things, while sailing away and testing them out is on us, so that you can enjoy the new home from day one.

Yacht Charters and Crew Placement

One of the best ways to validate your decision as an individual or a family to spend significant time aboard your own yacht is to try it on a rented vessel before any purchase. It is also a great opportunity to try a particular model before the ownership or simply decide on a long term charter as a permanent solution.

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