Advice On Yacht Selection and Purchase

We back your entire yacht selection and purchase process with our extensive sailing and technical expertise. Avoid costly mistakes and enjoy the vessel that will fufill your expectations and serve your needs. 

What do I need? What do I want?

  • sail vs. motoryacht
  • mono vs. multihull
  • electric vs. fossil
  • size
  • equipment options
  • used or new construction (custom vs. established shipyard production model)

How can we assist you with these decisions:

  • comprehensive interview to establish your needs vs. desires
  • establishing your mission based on your intended cruising area, family/crew considerations, budget, timeline and cruising periods, special needs, etc.
  • advice on yacht selection based on your particular mission (this stage is of utmost importance to end up with the boat that will serve you as best as it is possible, improper boat or even equipment selection can lead to very costly mistakes and delays instead of pure enjoyment of the new lifestyle)
  • market search
  • assistance with the purchase process including inspection, valuation, negotiation, insurance, flag choice and registration, etc.
  • assistance in possible crewing the new yacht, provisioning and general cruising preparation

Contact us to talk about particulars of your situation.

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