Advice on Life Aboard

Whether you have already chosen your new home at sea and need to verify your choice and select all the options, need assistance with issues on your current boat, or simply need Ania to relay her experience from a family/feminine standpoint to facilitate the family land-to-sea transition decision, we’re here for you along with our resources, knowledge, and experience. We’ll most happily share all that with you, so that you won’t make expensive errors and/or incur delays.  We’ll make sure you end up with a life aboard that’ll surprise you only on positive notes.

We offer a comprehensive consulting of the entire process of transitioning from life on land to life at sea. We will walk you by the hand all the way from approaching this radical idea to sailing away with everything in between. The transition is not a an everyday thing, hence it requires significant financial and personal involvement. It only makes sense to make all the decisions along the way in a most informed and conscious way possible to avoid the mistakes we’ve made ourselves or seen others do that could derail your project in the worst case or simply delay and/or make it more expensive unnecessarily.
Let us guide you through the following:

  • approach to the decision with the family, expectations vs reality, wants vs. needs vs possibilities 
  • making the team/family decision to transition and change your life
  • boat selection to fit the program as close as possible
  • market search or new boat design and construction
  • vessel review & inspection
  • assistance with the purchase process including inspection, valuation, negotiation, insurance, flag choice and registration, etc.
  • refit of a pre-owned yacht
  • moving
  • planning itinerary
  • preparations 
  • provisioning
  • formalities
  • organizing aspects of every day boat/home life
  • technical and maintenance aspects, weather planning, provisioning routing and training 
  • choice of cruising area/calendar

Please be so kind to contact us to discuss the details of our consulting offering that would highly likely save you from a lot of headache, unnecessary spending, and possible crew conflicts by ensuring the smoothest possible transition into the best suited vessel, with the most proven solutions. We will also guide through all the planning, and training to ultimately allow you to maintain great comfort on the course you precisely charted with the maximum safety margin.

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