Yacht Deliveries & Professional Training

Many newly minted owners either take it upon themselves or hire a commercial captain that is also unfamiliar with the particulars of their new ocean-going home to begin their dream journey. With the multitude and complexity of systems and today’s modern yacht it can be frustrating to get used to all the new things and how they work specially in the initial breaking-in and fine tunning period. We are here for you to personally assist you in the yacht commissioning and first few weeks aboard. This way communication with the shipyard, working out the kinks, and teaching you all the new things, while sailing away and testing them out is on us, so that you can enjoy the new home from day one.

We can support you with:

  • yacht deliveries/repositioning
  • crew placement
  • assistance in breaking-in period immediately after commissioning your vessel

We can also provide training in the following areas:

  • vessel maneuvering
  • navigation
  • sailing
  • weather routing and meteorology
  • systems setup, usage, and maintenance
  • various tips on easy and well organized everyday life at sea

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