Imagine your “home” moving effortlessly across the water, powered by wind and sun from one amazing spot to another, where you can fully experience the local nature, culture, food, people, music, etc. on your own terms and schedule. The top difficulty we foresee you may experience is in deciding what to enjoy next. Explore a reef. Chase seagulls on kitesurfers or a kayak in harmony with the breathtaking surroundings. The possibilities are endless.
Our recent collective experience proved that everything may change unexpectedly fast. Living life right now, being present with your loved ones while realizing your dreams has never been this much of a priority. Sailboat that is capable of coexisting with nature, be self sufficient for extended periods of time thanks to renewable energy sourcing remains a top platform to free life and independent life aboard.  There aren’t too many life options that can rival living aboard a well-equipped sailing multihull in terms of flexibility. There aren’t too many options to remain in the comfort of your home while adapting to an ever changing social, economic, environmental, and regulatory environments without a need to reinvent with each significant change. Taking the road from the idea to transform your life to actual moving aboard your own sailboat requires making a sequence of decisions that will ultimately significantly affect the way your every day life is going to look like. We would like to be there to share from our own long liveaboard, and even longer offshore sailing experience, so that each one of your decisions is well informed, fully conscious, and not just an educated guess. We’d like to be there for you to make sure that your end result is as close to your dreams as possible. We’d like to assist you in every choice, so that you end up with the best solutions that serve your personal needs and fulfill your desires in the most effective, simple yet reliable, and economic way technically possible. We’d like to help you avoid the mistakes we and others made, so that you don’t have to spend months and thousands on finding the right solutions. We will make every effort to lead you most efficiently through,logistical, financial, technical, regulatory, and perhaps most importantly psychological aspects of the transition. We’d like to hold your hand as you talking to your family about your dream, choosing the right boat, organize the best possible experience during a preview charter, searching for the ship, inspecting, purchasing, flagging, insuring, and finally equipping and/or refitting properly to ultimately place it where you’d most dearly would like to start you adventure. We’d like you to land softly into your life aboard with the most benign breakin-in process for both you, your crew/family, and the boat and only pleasant surprises ahead. We’ll remain at your disposals to assist you in any decisions you may have to make long after you have happily sailed off leaving your old life behind a s distant memory without any regrets,If you have experienced sailing the way we have in the last decade as a family living truly close together, there is a good chance it has anchored in your DNA for good. Home afloat may very well be your only natural choice to break free and truly take the helm of your dreams.  Let us be your autopilot, so that your energy invested in your life’s project brings the end result beyond your expectations and imagination.